No More Late Nights

Go Home Early… with EspressoRec, the simple to install, easy to use, Very High Speed Reconciliation, VLookup and General Utility Add-In for Microsoft Excel. The major UK High Street Retailer: Marks and Spencer plc, The award winning online UK supermarket: Ocado plc as well as in other SME companies such as the award winning VOIP provider Telappliant Ltd.


Board Room Q: Where is the link to the Microsoft website where Digital SSLs are explained in detail?
A: For your own security, EspressoRec is protected by a secure ‘Digicert’ certificate. To use EspressoRec, you will need to ‘trust’ the Digital Security Certificate – If you would like to read more about security certificates on the Microsoft website, please click here.

Q: Can I save / overwrite the main EspressoRec File?
A: No, the main file will stay safe, it cannot be overwritten. To save your data, you can copy/paste your result data to another Microsoft Excel file.

Q: How do I Contact Support?
A: If you need any technical help using EspressoRec, please email us:

Q: How many items will EspressoRec Reconcile and How Fast?

A: EspressoRec will typically reconcile a full sheet of 65,000 items in Excel 2003 in about 20 seconds and a full sheet of 1 Million items in Excel 2007-2013 in 60 seconds.

Q: What does the “Allocation Assistant” do?

A: For example, if you have a sales ledger with over 50 Invoices on it for a client and the client sends you a payment but they don’t tell you what invoices it pays by accident, then it can take a long time to work out which invoices add up the receipt you have. The Allocation Assistant will, in a matter of seconds, work through all the trillions of combinations of invoices to show you which combinations add up to your receipt.

Q: Can I get a version for my company with Multiple Users?

A: Please e-mail to request a quote.

Q: What Type of Companies is EspressoRec suitable for?

A: EspressoRec is suitable for medium and large companies: (i.e. insurance, banking, telecoms, utilities) as well as for small companies, public practice, credit controllers, management accountants, purchase ledger clerks, sales ledger clerks, business analysts etc.

Q: How Long Do I have to wait for Delivery of EspressoRec?

A: If you pay by a credit/debit card or through a paypal account that is directly linked to a bank account, the download link will be sent to you by e-mail immediately. If your PayPal account is not directly linked to a bank account, the download link will be sent to you after the funds have been cleared. This can take up to seven days.

Q: Does EspressoRec work with Microsoft Excel for Mac – version: Excel 2011?
A: EspressoRec only works with Microsoft Windows versions of Excel 2002 and onwards (both 32 bit &
and the new 64 bit versions of Excel) but not with any Mac version.

…… a Real Game Changer!

The slowest person using Excel in your office will be hundreds of times faster than the best Excel Whizz… by using EspressoRec.
EspressoRec cleans your Client’s Audit Transaction file and reconciles it to your Client’s Opening & Closing TB in a few minutes: …instead of hours or even days!
Secure – Digital Certificate issued by DigiCert
EspressoRec is the Add-In that enables the experts: the accountants, the developers, the analysts… to get back to doing what they do best: making business decisions ‘after’ the tiresome Reconciliations, VLookups & Allocations have been quickly and accurately processed…penny perfect… in seconds!