Board Room Q: Where is the link to the Microsoft website where Digital SSLs are explained in detail?
A: For your own security, EspressoRec is protected by a secure ‘Digicert’ certificate. To use EspressoRec, you will need to ‘trust’ the Digital Security Certificate – If you would like to read more about security certificates on the Microsoft website, please click here.

Q: Can I save / overwrite the main EspressoRec File?
A: No, the main file will stay safe, it cannot be overwritten. To save your data, you can copy/paste your result data to another Microsoft Excel file.

Q: How do I Contact Support?
A: If you need any technical help using EspressoRec, please email us: info@EspressoRec.co.uk

Q: How many items will EspressoRec Reconcile and How Fast?

A: EspressoRec will typically reconcile a full sheet of 65,000 items in Excel 2003 in about 20 seconds and a full sheet of 1 Million items in Excel 2007-2013 in 60 seconds.

Q: What does the “Allocation Assistant” do?

A: For example, if you have a sales ledger with over 50 Invoices on it for a client and the client sends you a payment but they don’t tell you what invoices it pays by accident, then it can take a long time to work out which invoices add up the receipt you have. The Allocation Assistant will, in a matter of seconds, work through all the trillions of combinations of invoices to show you which combinations add up to your receipt.

Q: Can I get a version for my company with Multiple Users?

A: Please e-mail info@EspressoRec.co.uk to request a quote.

Q: What Type of Companies is EspressoRec suitable for?

A: EspressoRec is suitable for medium and large companies: (i.e. insurance, banking, telecoms, utilities) as well as for small companies, public practice, credit controllers, management accountants, purchase ledger clerks, sales ledger clerks, business analysts etc.

Q: How Long Do I have to wait for Delivery of EspressoRec?

A: If you pay by a credit/debit card or through a paypal account that is directly linked to a bank account, the download link will be sent to you by e-mail immediately. If your PayPal account is not directly linked to a bank account, the download link will be sent to you after the funds have been cleared. This can take up to seven days.

Q: Does EspressoRec work with Microsoft Excel for Mac – version: Excel 2011?
A: EspressoRec only works with Microsoft Windows versions of Excel 2002 and onwards (both 32 bit &
and the new 64 bit versions of Excel) but not with any Mac version.

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